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The FI Planner

Mar 14, 2023

How do some small businesses make the leap from fledgling concept to successful big company while others go kaput before they can even get started?

In this episode, Ben and Andrew delve into the gritty reality of how the majority of new small businesses fail and why people still go for entrepreneurship despite the challenges it brings. 

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • Defining small business vs. micro business   

  • Why people go into business despite the risks 

  • Embracing the dream, sustaining the losses of entrepreneurship

Must-listen moments: 

[00:07:12] In the first five years, 50% of businesses that start out don't make it, and by the five year mark, half of the people who first get into business are no longer in business. And then when you extend that out to 10 years, that reduces down from 50% to 30%.

[00:12:18] I do like the money but the dream sustains you. It's the meaningful impact. It's the connection. It's the change that you can have on other people's lives. It's the change you can have in the world.

[00:27:39] Having the personal finances be in a position where you can sustain those losses, it's really critical to the success of the business. It's not the business finance that under does a business…it's the personal finance. Managing those personal responsibilities as you make this transition is huge.

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