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The FI Planner

Feb 14, 2023

For many entrepreneurs, launching your own business means long hours and late nights with little to no financial gain when you first begin.  

In this episode, Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira join Ben and Deb to share how a forced leap of faith kickstarted their entrepreneurial journey and what it’s like to be financially independent while balancing business and family as a married couple.   

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • Navigating the challenges of creating a sustainable business  
  • Enjoying the flexibility and freedom of entrepreneurship
  • Realities of being married and in business together 

Must-listen moments: 

[00:18:14] We didn't know how to get anything sustainable. It was this feast and this famine cycle. And I think a lot of entrepreneurs, particularly online course owners, that's where they begin. And you buy yourself enough time to learn a little bit so that you do better the next time.

[00:29:15] We spend about three months out of the year in the RV. If we had a day job, we couldn't do that, but we do spend a decent bit of the time when we're on the road still working because we can…I wanted to be able to have that flexibility and that freedom and entrepreneurship has afforded us that. 

[00:26:03] We had to figure out how to get the right systems and boundaries and operations in place. And then even for ourselves, how do we talk to each other?

Guest Info: 

Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira are the duo—and happily married couple—behind WalletWin, where they help everyday Catholics create the life of their dreams by getting intentional with money.

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