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The FI Planner

Feb 28, 2023

Taking on the family business can feel daunting, but staying true to the authentic heart of the company is key. 

In this episode, Ben and Deb welcome David Hurley as he dives into how growing up in Country Stores Health Foods fostered his entrepreneurial drive. They discuss the action steps he took to move the business forward under his stewardship while also helping people stay healthy using natural holistic resources. 

In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  • Understanding the value of holistic healthcare therapy to improve wellbeing
  • Some of David’s concerns about taking over the family business and how he moved through them
  • Bringing Country Stores Health Foods into the digital age and how that increased the company’s revenue

Must-listen moments: 

[00:12:00] “Really, the focus of my career has been to try to uncover as much of the truth as possible — that's my career goal.”

[00:19:00] “It’s much better to bring in the right people right from the get-go because you invest your time in them.”

[00:25:00] “The primary focus is a genuine desire to improve people's lives and sometimes to extend people's lives and sometimes to outright save people's lives. That is the primary motivating force.”

Guest Info: 

The Country Stores Health Foods is a third-generation family-owned health food store specializing in high-quality supplements and personalized expert advice. 


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